Comprehensive Fleet Fuel Management

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Experience our Fuel Monitoring System and watch your daily, weekly and monthly expenses coming down as your revenues go up.

Our robust fuel monitoring system can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It helps curb fuel theft at the 3 common points i.e. fuel theft at the fuel station through collaboration between drivers and attendants,fuel theft  through siphoning of fuel from your tank and through fuel-wasting behaviours including failure to service vehicles on time. Our fuel management system enables;

  • Real-time track by web system
  • SMS configuration and communication
  • Able to re-upload the location data in the event that the GSM signal is weak
  • Disable or enable engine remotely
  • Detect the ignition on/off, door open/close, Air-condition on/off etc
  • Record mileage information
  • Historical Playback
  • Emergency alarm
  • Power-off alarm
  • Over-speed alarm
  • Idling alarm
  • Parking alarm
  • Moving alarm
  • Acceleration alarm
  • Illegal door open alarm
  • fuel consumption report and in real-time
  • Report on amount refuelled
  • Report on refuelling geographical locations
  • Graphical representation on the fuel consumption anomalies
  • It will also give indication of unusual behavior in fuel level drops and rise suggesting unusual variation in fuel level to suggest a need for further investigation
  • Report on the milage travelled against the fuel consumed


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