[item title="What is GPS Tracking?"]
Global Position System, GPS is a satellite navigation technology that uses radio signals and can communicate with a GPS receiver to track the location of the GPS tracking device, in this case the GPS tracking device installed in your vehicle. TracknTrace provides the technology and infrastructure allowing a vehicle owner to login to our vehicle tracking system and track their vehicle in real time from anywhere using this GPS tracking technology. [/item]

[item title=" Do you have a call centre?"]
Yes we have a call centre that is open 24/7 and you can reach us on 0708933100 whereby you are assisted by trained customer care professionals.

When my vehicle is stolen, what is the process I should follow and what service do I get from you?
1. Call the TracknTrace call centre on 0708933100 and report the theft to TracknTrace and the Vehicle Recovery Team start tracking your vehicle immediately.
2. Your report to the nearest police station and forward us the OB number.
3. We disable the engine of your vehicle.
4. We keep you updated on the progress of the recovery and the location of the vehicle.
5. We advise you on what steps you need to take. [/item]

[item title="How Can I Monitor My Vehicle?"]
1. My Computer or Laptop?
Once we have installed your vehicle with a tracking devise, we give you the username and password. As we train you on the system. You log into the system online from their computer through our online website "www.trackntrace.co.ke and your are able to see real time updates of your location, generate reports, disable and enable the vehicle, reports on how long the vehicle was parked ,its last position, and detailed trip report
2. My Mobile Phone?
You can track your vehicle from your mobile phone by activating Wechat on your phone and locate and play historical reports and also send an sms with the coordinates to get the location. [/item]

[item title="How do the reports work on the system?"]
The reports are generated as per your request, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and you can download them on excel format or word.
How often can I get Reports from the system?
You can get reports every minute you log into the system; and the reports are real time [/item]

[item title="Can I Track My Vehicle From Outside Kenya?"]
Yes, Our Tracking technology is international and as long you have access to the internet you can track your vehicle from anywhere in the world on a real time basis. [/item]

[item title="When I purchase the tracking device from TrackNtrace who installs the Device?"]
The tracking device is installed by our trained team of Technicians. [/item]

[item title="Am I able to Stop My Vehicle at Any Time I Want?"]
Yes you can, using your mobile phone you can Cut Off the engine by sending an SMS to our system or you can also log in to our system with your credentials and stop your vehicle. [/item]

[item title="Am I able to confine my vehicle within a specified area like Kisumu city only?"]
Yes, by using Geo Fencing on the system, you can draw the areas that you want your vehicle to operate within Kisumu city and you select an in/out movement alert. You get an alert on your phone once your vehicle leaves the Kisumu city area. [/item]

[item title="Can I Track the Route Where My Vehicle travelled During the Day and Night?"]
Our Vehicle tracking system highlights the route of where your vehicle has been, where it stopped, for how long it stopped, how long it was on idling and how long it took from point A to B. [/item]

[item title="Can I Monitor Fuel Consumption of My Vehicle?"]
Yes, Our Vehicle tracking system also generates fuel consumption reports and you can monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles. [/item] [/accordion]


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